Friday, December 10, 2010

Axe Christmas Card 2010

Family Memories Christmas Card
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Today, I would love to share with you about Shutterfly and the great Christmas cards they have available this year. I have picked out a couple of my favorite like the following:
Christmas Card
5x5 stationery card
For 1 photo
From $1.29 $0.90

Christmas Card
5x5 stationery card
For 1 photo
From $1.29 $0.90

I have actually only ordered from Shutterfly once, and it was to document my son's first year. And boy was I pleased with the hard copy of the book when I received it, and I loved sharing the book electronically with both sets of his grandparents. I plan to make a book for his second year as well.

I had a great experience using their website and worked a little each day for about two weeks, then when I was done, I received the final copy super fast.

Back to the Christmas cards, we usually send out between 75-100 cards each year so I try to get started on shopping for the card design quite early. And when I saw the designs on Shutterfly, I was super pleased. The two I have picked out above are 5x5, and I like that the size is different, I do like to be unique.

Here are a few links on Shutterfly's website to some great holiday cards:
On reason why I am sharing about Shutterfly is because of their below promotion:

Shutterfly's 50 Free Christmas Cards Promotion.

Until then,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Playgroup

Today, was our Halloween playgroup. We had a great time, and our hostess out did herself again. We had hot dogs, and frito chili pies. Of course, we had awesome cupcakes, and cookies Robin made, and tons of candy and snacks. We had a fishing game, bean bag game, ducky game, search for items in a corn filled bucket, and a couple of other games. Brandon was dressed as a frog this year. He did not seem to mind the hood so I just let him keep it on. Brandon mostly ran around getting in other people's way on the swing set. I was so pleased with this costume, I got it a Rhea Lana's this year.

Now, Brandon is down for his nap, and I have a roast in the crock pot. Thanks Tracy!!!

Tomorrow, Brandon is 18 months old, I can't believe it!! We are having so much fun with him. And he is really becoming a big boy. Hopefully, I will be able to get a post soon about him as a 18 month old.

Until then,


Friday, October 8, 2010

Centerton Pumpkin Patch

Fun times at the Pumpkin Patch with friends. Yesterday, a couple of us girls took our boys to the Centerton Pumpkin Patch. Those boys had a ball running around. And it wore Brandon out he took a 4 hour nap after lunch. Yeah!!!

Here Ben is telling Brandon not to dive out of the wagon like he did. What a pair!!! Ben was cracking me up, he came over to me and Robin a couple of times to have us pick him up. This is something Ben is not known for doing.

I really have found that it would not matter if I was a good photographer or not, I can't seem to get these three boys to slow down to look at the camera for nothing. They were loving the open space to play. Caleb, Ben, and Brandon seemed to run circles around us Moms.

Ben was sharing a leaf he found, what a giver.

Ben had a wagon full of pumpkins and Brandon thought he needed to take a ride so Ben was happy to try to pull him along.

I hope these three boys will be able to be close as they grow up. And we can have many years of pumpkin patch pictures.

Until then,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First MOPS

I went to my first MOPS meeting today in Springdale, and it was great. I got invited to attend MOPS by a girl who I worked with years ago, I thought sounds good. Then when I found out a few of the speakers I knew this would be a good decision. Well today the speaker was none other than Michelle Duggar. She had five of her daughters with her and they passed out tons of information to each of us. And of course, we all had to sign a waiver because TLC was filming the meeting. And I could not help myself so I asked Ms. Duggar for a picture. She was very gracious. This was her first speaking engagement since Josie was born 9 months ago.

So I am super excited about going back for the next MOPS meeting. Brandon went with me and he stayed with the nursery First Baptist Springdale has. He was too interested in playing to even notice I was there to pick him up so I guess he had a good time.

I just got Brandon down for his nap so who knows how long he will sleep into the evening. His schedule might be real off. But it was worth it to get to go to this meeting.

That is really all I have for now.

Until then,


Friday, September 3, 2010

August Ends and Fall begins, Right?

August sure has been a hot one!! But it is always hot in August. This last month Brandon had corn on the cob, and from the above picture he really enjoyed it.

Mother's Day Out began this last week and Brandon was sporting a new backpack. He sure is a big boy!! He did really well, in fact, he probably did not even miss me. He really enjoys going to the nursery to play. It makes me feel so good to know I do not have to worry.

This is Brandon after his first day of Mother's Day Out, boy was he tired. But he did not nap once he got home, and he slept until 10am the next morning. He loves his sleep, just like his Mom.

The middle of August we went to Branson with Jeremy's family and we tried out a new indoor water park. Brandon wore himself out and he fell asleep on the way out to the car to come back to the condo.

Well, as the August pictures document, Brandon began taking steps on his own this month. Hence, all of the bumps and bruises on his head. He is really enjoying being more independent, but I never know where he might end up next. He still turbo crawls, but he is walking more and more. I guess I have a toddler on my hands now.

This weekend is Labor Day weekend and we are going to be staying local, probably smoking some brisket, maybe going to the new Corn maze in Cave Springs (

Oh, and a little thing, like the Razorback football game on Saturday. GO HOGS!!

I love the fall time of the year because pumpkin patches, fall leaves, oh, and my birthday is coming up in a few days. Yeah!!!

I have gone online to check out the etsy stores and I found three personalized fall and Christmas shirts for Brandon so I can't wait to get them.

Well, since today is Mother's Day Out, I better get to cleaning the house. I have the grocery shopping done for two weeks, so I better not be asking to go out to eat since we have food here.

Until then,


Friday, August 6, 2010

15 Month Check Up and the last month or so

Successful trip to Chick-fil-a, using the plastic table mat. Usually, the table mat is in a ball and gets thrown away before Brandon begins eating.

Branson weekend with the cousins, here Kendall shows Brandon one of the seven fish she caught in one hour off the dock at Table Rock lake.

Jump Zone, one of my loves, Brandon likes going to JZ, and it wears him out so we have gone a few times the last few weeks. I think I get a work out too running chasing him around.

Here Ben and Brandon are receiving instruction about not taking Matthew's toy. I don't think they listened, sorry Lindsey.

Play group this week was at my parents' house, this was my first time to host. It went really well. Ben and Parker playing at Brandon's new table from Sam's Club. I am super proud of this table.

Today, Brandon and I kept the road hot, first we went to the Promenade for a stroll while the temperature was under 90 degrees. Then, we went to Sam's club for a hot dog combo, and off to the Bentonville Square for the First Friday event. The theme was Dog Days of Summer, so there were dog themed businesses represented.

Here is Brandon's first time this summer in the fountain. He really liked it.

Now, on to the 15 month check up:

Brandon was 15 months old the end of last month, but we just had his appt. this Wednesday.

Weight 24lbs. 6.6 oz
Height 30.5"
Head 48 cm

Brandon gained right at 1 pound since his 12 month appt., and he grew 1 inch in the same amount of time. His head is the same size as it was at his one year appt.

He still rides backwards in his car seat since the manufacture regulations need him to be 34" before it can be turned around. I have had his feet sized and he is wearing a 5 1/2W, and he wears 18 month clothes. He wears size 4 diapers.

He has taken a few steps, but he is primarily still a crawler. He took four steps to Jeremy on his 15 month birthday, and his motivation to take those steps was Jeremy playing with his phone.

Brandon loves phones and remotes. He is paying attention to the television, and recently he began waving at the television when the people on the television are waving. He plays with his puzzles, stacking buckets, rocking giraffe, and he enjoys being read to, and playing hide and seek in his room around the rocking chair. He is understanding "no", and when we goes for something he knows he should not get he shakes his head "no".

Until then,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

1st Naturals Game & Wild Water Days

Brandon had the opportunity to attend his first Naturals game recently. I was wondering how long he would make it at an evening game, but we did not leave until the 7th inning. And he could of lasted longer, but I was ready to leave. Our seats were in the shade and it was quite nice. Except it was a little awkward that my OB doctor and his family was sitting right behind us.

It looks like Brandon has a little bit of allergies going on, but he is getting through it.

Then, Memorial Day weekend, we had a cook out with Jeremy's family and it was also my nephew's 13th birthday party.

Ethan wanted for us to all go fishing for his birthday so we went to the creek behind Walgreen's in Bella Vista. While we were there I think a total of about 12 fish were caught. The fish Brandon is trying to get a hold of is the one my Mom caught while we were there.

Last week for the off week playgroup we went to the mall food court, and playground.
Here a few of the kids are playing in the water. I do not know how Amanda and Kelly got those kids from not just jumping right in. It was so hot that day!!

This week we decided to try out Brandon's pool in the backyard. He had a nice time.

Today, we had playgroup at Sarah Grace and Lena Kate's house. Tracy is such a great host. We had pizza and homemade ice cream. Thanks Kelly and Fanya. This playgroup was to kick off summer so there were lots of activities for the kids to do outside in the water.

Until Then,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

1 Year Old and Playgroups

Brandon turned 1 year old last Thursday, and we had his 12 month Dr. appt. on Monday. Here are the stats: weight 23 lbs. 7.5oz., and height 29 1/2". He wears size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. His nap schedule has changed alittle, he is now waking up at 8am, napping from 11am until 1pm, and then falls asleep at 9-10pm. He still sleeps throughout the night. On his 12 month appt. he received 3 shots, and he got his finger pricked. No big deal for him though. Especially since that was the day the childrens' motrin and tylenol were recalled. So he did not have any pain reliever until he was about to get the shots. Of course, the generic was not recalled, but I did not think about that. Brandon crawls well, when he wants to. He rather scoot. He eats anything I feed him. He is officially on cow's milk as of May 3rd. So far so good. Jeremy has been surprised how much milk Brandon drinks a day. I am thinking yeah, I know how much milk he drinks a day, I was producing it. Brandon still has 7 teeth, and he does not mind to have them brushed.
Now on to the last two playgroups. Last Thursday at playgroup Robin brought us decorated cookies to celebrate Kade and Brandon's 1st birthday. They are only 9 days apart in age so I thought that would be fun. Ginger hosted us and we had lots of fun.
Then today, we had playgroup at a city park. I had never been to this park, and I would definitely visit it again especially when Brandon gets bigger. Brandon had fun in the swings, and I even got some exercise. I was 45 minutes early so we walked around the park several times.
That's all I have today. I need to run to the store I am out of paper towels.

Until then...