Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First MOPS

I went to my first MOPS meeting today in Springdale, and it was great. I got invited to attend MOPS by a girl who I worked with years ago, I thought sounds good. Then when I found out a few of the speakers I knew this would be a good decision. Well today the speaker was none other than Michelle Duggar. She had five of her daughters with her and they passed out tons of information to each of us. And of course, we all had to sign a waiver because TLC was filming the meeting. And I could not help myself so I asked Ms. Duggar for a picture. She was very gracious. This was her first speaking engagement since Josie was born 9 months ago.

So I am super excited about going back for the next MOPS meeting. Brandon went with me and he stayed with the nursery First Baptist Springdale has. He was too interested in playing to even notice I was there to pick him up so I guess he had a good time.

I just got Brandon down for his nap so who knows how long he will sleep into the evening. His schedule might be real off. But it was worth it to get to go to this meeting.

That is really all I have for now.

Until then,



Robin said...

How fun!! Love the Duggars!!!

Laurie said...

This is great Vonda. The Duggars are great folks!