Monday, January 16, 2012

New Arrival and Twinkies

We welcomed our new baby boy on October 25, 2011. He was 9 1/2 pounds and 20 inches long.

Brady Lane Axe

We got Brady's name from a former Razorback Baseball player that is now a Christian singer, songwriter. And Brady's middle name is Lane and that is my Grandma T's maiden name.
Brady sleeps in our room in a bassinet, and he goes 2-3 hours between fee
dings with 2 stretches of 5 hours each day.
Brady Lane Axe will be 12 weeks old tomorrow and he has been a super baby. As far as stats for him now his is over 13 pounds. He is wearing size 2 diapers, and size 3-6 months clothes. He laughs and smiles a lot. His brother, Brandon, asks to see him all of the time. The trick with both boys is giving Brady the attention he needs (diaper change, nursing, and rocking to sleep) while trying to give Brandon the attention he wants and needs.

We have had lots of holiday fun with the boys this year. I was a scrooge and did not even put up a Christmas tree this year.
I thought I would put up the boys newborn pictures and see if you all can pick out which one is which.

Too much fun!!! The top picture is the scrawny Brandon, and the bottom picture is the fluffy Brady.

Well, Brady is awake from his nap so I better check on him.

Until then,