Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness, It begins

The NCAA tournament was here before I knew it, and I had not even completed one bracket. So yesterday morning I called Jeremy to see if we could do our own head to head competition. I am fairly competitive and I normally do pretty good on picking the winning teams. I sent to him my bracket, and then yesterday he brought home his bracket. And as of this morning I have picked correctly on 14 of the 16 games that have been played. The only two I guessed incorrectly so far was Western Kentucky beating Illinois, and Michigan beating Clemson. I think this weekend and this next week are the most exciting of the year. And I almost let it pass without the joy of completing a bracket. I have Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, and North Carolina in the final four, with North Carolina winning. We will have to see how the weekend goes to see how my other teams fair.

Until then.