Thursday, May 6, 2010

1 Year Old and Playgroups

Brandon turned 1 year old last Thursday, and we had his 12 month Dr. appt. on Monday. Here are the stats: weight 23 lbs. 7.5oz., and height 29 1/2". He wears size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. His nap schedule has changed alittle, he is now waking up at 8am, napping from 11am until 1pm, and then falls asleep at 9-10pm. He still sleeps throughout the night. On his 12 month appt. he received 3 shots, and he got his finger pricked. No big deal for him though. Especially since that was the day the childrens' motrin and tylenol were recalled. So he did not have any pain reliever until he was about to get the shots. Of course, the generic was not recalled, but I did not think about that. Brandon crawls well, when he wants to. He rather scoot. He eats anything I feed him. He is officially on cow's milk as of May 3rd. So far so good. Jeremy has been surprised how much milk Brandon drinks a day. I am thinking yeah, I know how much milk he drinks a day, I was producing it. Brandon still has 7 teeth, and he does not mind to have them brushed.
Now on to the last two playgroups. Last Thursday at playgroup Robin brought us decorated cookies to celebrate Kade and Brandon's 1st birthday. They are only 9 days apart in age so I thought that would be fun. Ginger hosted us and we had lots of fun.
Then today, we had playgroup at a city park. I had never been to this park, and I would definitely visit it again especially when Brandon gets bigger. Brandon had fun in the swings, and I even got some exercise. I was 45 minutes early so we walked around the park several times.
That's all I have today. I need to run to the store I am out of paper towels.

Until then...