Thursday, June 3, 2010

1st Naturals Game & Wild Water Days

Brandon had the opportunity to attend his first Naturals game recently. I was wondering how long he would make it at an evening game, but we did not leave until the 7th inning. And he could of lasted longer, but I was ready to leave. Our seats were in the shade and it was quite nice. Except it was a little awkward that my OB doctor and his family was sitting right behind us.

It looks like Brandon has a little bit of allergies going on, but he is getting through it.

Then, Memorial Day weekend, we had a cook out with Jeremy's family and it was also my nephew's 13th birthday party.

Ethan wanted for us to all go fishing for his birthday so we went to the creek behind Walgreen's in Bella Vista. While we were there I think a total of about 12 fish were caught. The fish Brandon is trying to get a hold of is the one my Mom caught while we were there.

Last week for the off week playgroup we went to the mall food court, and playground.
Here a few of the kids are playing in the water. I do not know how Amanda and Kelly got those kids from not just jumping right in. It was so hot that day!!

This week we decided to try out Brandon's pool in the backyard. He had a nice time.

Today, we had playgroup at Sarah Grace and Lena Kate's house. Tracy is such a great host. We had pizza and homemade ice cream. Thanks Kelly and Fanya. This playgroup was to kick off summer so there were lots of activities for the kids to do outside in the water.

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