Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy One Month Birthday Brandon

Well, his one month birthday was actually on the 29th of May. We have had an adventurous first month to say the least. The most recent trial to work through with being a new parent is meal time. We are going through a growth spurt and we were pulled from breastfeeding due to a rash I had on my legs. Now, the rash is gone and I am off of the steroids so we are now trying to get back in a routine of meal times. Brandon seemed to put on a lot of weight those 12 days on formula, and my milk production did not hold up because I did not pump the milk often enough. So the laws of supply and demand do really apply outside Economics class.

This next week I have two Dr. appointments one for my vision and the other is my postpartum appointment. I almost look forward to these appointments so I have something I have to get around and get ready for the day. Otherwise it is so easy to stay in my pajamas all day, especially if the night before had been a rough one.

The last couple of weeks we had our Sunday School class bring us supper and it was great. There is nothing like not having to think about what is for dinner for a few nights. I really thank all of the class who brought us meals.

Until then.


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