Monday, April 5, 2010

Brandon's 1st Easter

Brandon is now 11 months old and he army crawls to get where he wants. We still have him in size 3 diapers, and he eats stage 3 foods. He also eats canned green beans, carrots, pears, peaches, and apples. Oh, and those nasty lil' sticks (chicken and turkey). The only thing we have found that he does not eat is broccoli. And he had it a few months ago and it did not agree with him, but he ate what was fed to him. He has 7 teeth (four on top and three on the bottom). He babbles constantly. But he really does not say mama until he gets desperate. He wears 12-18 months clothes and he weighs 24lbs. He just learned yesterday to shrug his shoulders, too cute. He wakes up a little earlier now a days. He is up by 8am, but then is ready for his nap at 10am. He takes a 3-4 hour nap and then if we are home he will take another hour nap around 4pm. He begins to get sleepy at 8pm, but he might not be asleep until 10:30pm or 11pm. He drinks 3 bottles a day and enjoys juices and snacks.
Ok, now to Easter. We had a great playgroup on Thursday at Sarah Grace and Lena Kate's house. We had a Easter egg hunt. This was the first time Brandon had been on the grass. Our yard has issues with retaining water so it is a swamp, and I did not want the two little dogs jumping on him. He loved the grass and being outside, oh yeah, we don't go outside much. Below are some pictures to recount that day. Thanks Tracy for having us over and being such a great host.
Harper enjoying the sunshine and the grass.

Then on Saturday, my in-laws had us over for supper and Easter egg dyeing. Supper was traditional. Then my nieces dyed eggs. They really enjoyed it. And the adults did too.

Then on Sunday morning we went to early service, and then helped out for a little while with the two year olds during the late service. We did manage to get a family Easter picture in between services.

Then we went out to my family's for lunch and Easter egg hunting. And we did the resurrection eggs again this year. I am so glad my nephews like doing it, because I almost forgot where I had put them from last year.

Until then...

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