Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Playgroup

Today, was our Halloween playgroup. We had a great time, and our hostess out did herself again. We had hot dogs, and frito chili pies. Of course, we had awesome cupcakes, and cookies Robin made, and tons of candy and snacks. We had a fishing game, bean bag game, ducky game, search for items in a corn filled bucket, and a couple of other games. Brandon was dressed as a frog this year. He did not seem to mind the hood so I just let him keep it on. Brandon mostly ran around getting in other people's way on the swing set. I was so pleased with this costume, I got it a Rhea Lana's this year.

Now, Brandon is down for his nap, and I have a roast in the crock pot. Thanks Tracy!!!

Tomorrow, Brandon is 18 months old, I can't believe it!! We are having so much fun with him. And he is really becoming a big boy. Hopefully, I will be able to get a post soon about him as a 18 month old.

Until then,


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